Annex E Question.

Sasha Ruditsky sasha at TLV.RADVISION.COM
Sun Jul 2 12:01:50 EDT 2000

> Hi
> I believe that the following paragraph from the H.323 Annex E may be
> understood differently by different people:
> -------
> E.2.3.5       Session field
> The session field shall be present in all payloads. The Session value
> shall contain the CRV from the Q.931 messages. Specifically, the call
> reference flag shall be included as the most significant bit of the
> CallReferenceValue. This restricts the actual CRV to the range of 0
> through 32767, inclusive.
> -------
> I think this means that the Annex E session field is different (in the
> Flag bit) for Setup and Connect messages of the same call. (Exactly like
> CRV is).
> I agree that the alternation of the 16th bit of the Annex E session field
> in the messages of the same session (call) moving in different directions
> is required,
> but I do not think that the described behavior is obvious from the field's
> name and its description.
> If there is agreement on the fact that the messages belonging to the same
> call but moving in opposite directions shall have different values of the
> 16th bit  of the Annex E session field, that probably we need to state
> this explicitly in the E.2.3.5. I agree that this is ALMOST what is
> written their, but we all know how ambiguous may be the CRV-like field
> description.
> Sasha
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