[H.323 Mobility:] Service Definitions for Annex H

Roy, Radhika R, ALCOO rrroy at ATT.COM
Wed Jul 19 07:45:09 EDT 2000

Hi, Everyone:

Further along the line of service definitions, I like to draw your attention
related to AT&T contributions submitted (D.353 and D.354) in the last
February'00 (Geneva) meeting. We can also discuss some of the definitions
provided there along with Siemens's and Intel's contributions.

In this connection, I am enclosing the copy of D.353 only.

Best regards,
Radhika R. Roy

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From: Roelands Marc [mailto:Marc.Roelands at SIEMENS.ATEA.BE]
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Subject: [H.323 Mobility:] Service Definitions for Annex H

Hi all,

I have just uploaded MD-102 on Service Definitions for discussion, at
itions.zip  .

It is the first part of several Siemens/Intel inputs for the new chapter 5
for which input was requested in Osaka.
I hope to send an updated/extended version still in a few days (i.e. before
my holidays).

(Since it is only a 19K file, I attach it here too.)

Marc Roelands
Siemens ICN
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E-mail: marc.roelands at siemens.atea.be

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