[Robustness] Minutes of the 7/20 call

Terry L Anderson tla at LUCENT.COM
Mon Jul 24 17:42:48 EDT 2000

Attendence (correct me if I missed anyone):
Terry Anderson - Lucent
Maureen Stillman - Nokia
Sasha Ruditsky - Radvision
Archana Nehru (and another?) - Trillium

We discussed the 7/11 draft and the following points were made:
10.1 Detecting Failure - KeepAlive
- callIdentifier should be optional
- for multiplexed channels, CRV should be set to 0 and callIdentifier
- the need for keepAlive in Method B may be unclear

10.2 Transport Address and ...
-the new fields are not needed in Alerting and Call Proceeding.

10.3 Sychnronizing State
-section is not needed. An old TCP Connection Closure
- I may have missed a point in this section.  If you raised an issue
here, please bring it up again.

ASN.1 changes
- RecoveryCallSignalPoint should be SEQUENCE OF SEQUENCE
[The current white draft of H.225.0v4 has only SEQUENCE of has SEQUENCE
OF RecoveryCallSignalPoint in each message so I believe we do NOT need a
[I also want to change the name to BackupCallSignalAddress to better
match our text]

- we need a similar SDL for Method B.

12 Method B: State Recovery...
- clarify lack of need for KeepAlives

- detecting failure for case where backup establishes connection to a
neighbor that has not yet detected failure.

I also changed all instances of
"Fault Tolerant Repository" to "Shared Repository"
"element" or "component" to "entity"
"IE" or "element" when referring to a part of the ASN.1 structure to
"field" to be consistent with the language H.323 and H.225 are trying to
move to.

I checked our changes in the white draft of H.225.0v4 and removed all
our ASN.1 that has already been incorporated.  I now show only changes
that are still needed.  I have not yet done the similar check with

A new draft, addressing most of the above, is available at:


We will continue our discussion at our future calls:
Thursday:  July 27, Aug 3
11:00 EDT (15:00 UT) for 2 hr
Phone: 1 888 559 7255 (calling from US)
Phone: 1 908 860 0000 (calling from outside US)
code: 531480

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