SIP-H.323 Interworking Draft

Roy, Radhika R, ALCOO rrroy at ATT.COM
Thu Jul 20 13:05:44 EDT 2000

Hi, Everyone:

We are now pleased to inform that the "SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements"
Internet-Draft has been completed. You can find the draft as follows:

        Title           : SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements
        Author(s)       : H. Agrawal, R. R. Roy, V. Palawat, A. Johnston, C.
Agboh, K. Singh, and H. Schulzrinne
        Filename        : draft-agrawal-sip-h323-interworking-reqs-00.txt
        Pages           : 19
        Date            : 12-Jul-00


"This document describes the requirements for the logical entity known
as the interworking function (IWF) that will allow  the  interworking
between the SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) and H.323 networks."

This draft is expected to be presented in the 48th IETF meeting in
Pittsburgh, USA (July 31 - August 4, 2000) and may become an Informational
RFC if no future comments are received.

The next step is to produce the "SIP-H.323 Interworking" draft for producing
an IETF RFC based on this requirement draft.

Best regards,
Radhika R. Roy

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