Deficiency in Annex M, specifically M.2?

Daniel Eskenazi deskenaz at CISCO.COM
Fri Jul 7 13:04:53 EDT 2000

Hi Jan,

Annex M.2 does not seem to provide any standard mechanism for
specifying the variant of ISUP that is being tunneled. Therefore ISUP
tunneling as currently defined in Annex M.2 will only work properly
if both H.323 endpoints are connected to ISUP equipment using the
exact same type and version of ISUP. Do you agree?

Assuming that I didn't miss something and this is a valid
concern, the addition of type and version fields would solve
this problem. I believe Protocol type and version information
would be universally useful for all tunneled protocols, so I
propose that the tunneledSignallingMessage construct be enhanced
to provide fields for protocolType (or maybe it should be called
protocolVariant?) and protocolVersion; exact format TBD.

Any comments?


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