Reference which version of Q.931, etc.?

Callaghan, Robert Robert.Callaghan at ICN.SIEMENS.COM
Wed Jul 5 16:10:11 EDT 2000

On of the open issues is the correct version of Q.931 should be referenced
in H.225.0 and H.323.  When v3 was decided, they was updated to reference
Q.931(1998) instead of Q.931(1993).  This is a discussion of the impact of
this change and how to resolve the problems.

- H.225.0 and Q.931 include a semi-infinite number of references to table,
figures and sections of Q.931.  V3 still references the 1993 items even
though the parent reference is 1998.  It is possible to update all the
detailed references or to return the parent reference to 1993.  Either way
they must be consistent.

- Q.931(1998) introduced a number of changes from the 1993 version.  If we
update v4 to consistently reference 1998, do we want to automatically
include all the changes in Q.931?

- If we do accept, by default, the changes to Q.931, do any of these changes
conflict with the ASN.1 coding that we use?  If so, how is this resolved?

However this problem is resolved, it must be consistent within H.323v4 and


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