Comments on H.225v4 and H.323v4

Morgan Potter morgan.potter at BT.COM
Tue Jul 4 11:49:20 EDT 2000

I have the following comments on H.225v4 and H.323v4.

H.225 /p168: neededfeatures has been moved from conferenceGoal to elsewhere
in the Setup message.
I understand from Pete that inclusion of neededFeatures in the
conferenceGoal has caused problems for Cisco gateways.  Moving
neededFeatures out of the conferenceGoal however, means that feature
negotiation can never be used with versions other than H.323v4. If we are
not going to use the conference Goal, (and the use of conferenceGoal is our
preferred option!), It would be better to leave out the term neededFeatures
altogether and use desiredFeatures.

H.323 /p75: The change of name from 'package' to 'parameter' is
If the name has to be changed from 'package', it should be changed to

H.225 /ANNEX H: There should be a global change of terminology from
genericParameter to generic Feature.


Morgan Potter

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