next revision of H.323 Annex H ?

Jaakko Sundquist jaakko.sundquist at NOKIA.COM
Mon Jul 3 06:41:30 EDT 2000

Vineet et al,

I'll try to work on it this week and maybe get it available by Friday. Sorry
about the delay, but I had a couple of weeks of holiday and didn't feel like
working on Annex H during that time.

Furthermore, the mobility discussion seems to have been quite non-existent
since Osaka, so I would really appreciate any contributions and/or
discussions on the email reflector.


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> From: EXT Kumar, Vineet [mailto:vineet.kumar at]
> Sent: 21. June 2000 20:04
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> Subject: next revision of H.323 Annex H ?
> Jaakko,
> When is the next revision of H.323 Annex H draft scheduled to
> be out ?
> Regards,
> vineet

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