[QOS] New reject reasons in QOS proposal

Rich Bowen rkbowen at CISCO.COM
Sun Jan 30 19:05:31 EST 2000

Dear IPer's and Mobiler's,

Mobile Wireless Internet Forum

The Mobile Wireless Internet Forum (MWIF) is an international
non-profit industry association. Its mission is to drive an open
internet-based architecture that enables seamless integration
of mobile telephony and IP-based services (voice, data, video, web,
for the mobile wireless networks and is independent of the air

Edgar Martinez - Principal Staff Engineer
Email mailto:martinze at cig.mot.com
FAX 1-847-632-3145 - - Voice 1-847-632-5278
1501 West Shure Drive, Arlington Hgts. IL 60004
Public: TIPHON & Other Stds - http://people.itu.int/~emartine/
Private:TIPHON & Other Stds - http://www.cig.mot.com/~martinze/

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