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Chris Wayman Purvis cwp at ISDN-COMMS.CO.UK
Wed Jan 26 05:10:19 EST 2000

On the subject of the H323SIPProp.zip, in particular the statement "A common
informal E-mail list is essential to carry the discussion forward.", I'd like
to point out that such a list already exists.  It's very quiet so far, too.
Subscribe by going to
or by sending a mail to sip-h323-subscribe at eGroups.com

I also refer readers to Kundan Singh's contribution (valuable within its
limitations) on the subject, available as an internet draft under the name
draft-singh-sip-h323-00.txt and draft-singh-sip-h323-00.ps from the usual sites
(mirrors of www.ietf.org).


> Tom-PT Taylor wrote:
> I have uploaded the following Canadian Delayed Contributions to the Incoming
> directory:
> H323SIPProp.zip:       "Interworking Between SIP and H.323 Networks"
> H248AASPkg.zip:       "Proposal For An Advanced Audio Server Package For
> H.248"
> H.225GTRIPProp.zip:  "Proposed Work Item: Interworking H.225.0 Annex G with
> H323MClarif.zip:         "Proposed H.323 Annex M related Coding
> Clarifications"
> H323LMotiv.zip:          "Motivation for Three (3) Services Models"
> Tom Taylor
> Advisor -- IPConnect Standards
> E-mail: taylor at nortelnetworks.com (internally, Tom-PT Taylor)
> Phone and FAX: +1 613 736 0961

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