teminalAlias in RegistrationConfirm?

Chris Wayman Purvis cwp at ISDN-COMMS.CO.UK
Mon Jan 24 09:30:56 EST 2000


You should interpret this as meaning exactly what it says.
A gatekeeper may give an endpoint more, fewer, or simply different aliases from
what it requests in RRQ - for whatever reason.  The most common reason is
probably that an endpoint registers with an E.164 address only (say "9007"),
and the gatekeeper might work out from that who is referred to, decide it's me,
and associate with it the publicPartyNumber +44 1344 899 007 and the emailID
cwp at isdn-comms.co.uk
It's only polite for the gatekeeper to TELL the terminal it has done this!
What the terminal will do with the information is a little less certain
(probably a simple endpoint will not care!).


Frank Derks wrote:
> The RCF contains an optional field with the name: "terminalAlias". The description of this field for this message states: "This optional value is a list of alias addresses, by which other terminals may identify this terminal". Should I interpret this by
> assuming that the last word of this description ("terminal) should be "Gatekeeper", does this field have another purpose or should I ignore it alltogether?
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