DelayedcontributionforT.38 and H.323 Annex D

千村 保文 chimura730 at AINET.OKI.CO.JP
Mon Jan 24 08:21:07 EST 2000


Please find attached a clean copy of the H.323 Annex I ToR. Per the Red Bank
meeting, I changed the title to reflect the true nature of this annex and
clarified the "Radio Network, 4." section.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the upcoming SG meeting in
Geneva this February. Although I know of two efforts underway regarding
technical contributions to H.323 Annex I, there seems to be little
indication that much editorial work will arise during the meeting. My
colleague, Hirokazu Tanaka will be in Geneva for part of the meeting and may
be able to help if required if doing so does not conflict with his primary
tasks. Please inform me of the impact of my absence if any. Also, I will be
available via e-mail and phone during the meeting if needed.

I apologize in advance if my absence causes any inconvenience.

Barry Aronson
Toshiba Corp.
33 Lake Shore Dr.
Beverly, MA 01915-1907

Voice  +1 978 232 3994
Fax    +1 978 232 9220
Mobile +1 978 902 0768 (worldwide w/ GSM)
   1B: +1 978 232 3994 (by arrangement)
   2B: +1 978 232 9220 (by arrangement)
H.324  +1 978 232 9220 (by arrangement)
E-mail: baronson at
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