H.323 mobility: Ad hoc group meetings in Geneva

Gösta Linder (LME) Gosta.Linder at LME.ERICSSON.SE
Wed Jan 19 09:16:16 EST 2000

as agreed at the last Ad-Hoc Mobility meeting where you were not able to attend, we agrred to meet already Feb 8 to agrrange for the proposed planning
                Regards / Gösta

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Subject: H.323 mobility: Ad hoc group meetings in Geneva

Hi all,

As the Geneva meeting is a two week meeting (i.e. quite long), I would like
to ask the members participating in the meeting, should we try to agree
beforehand on (some of) the days when we will hold mobility meetings. I
myself am present from the 10th day (Thursday) onwards and there will be
Nokia representatives present during the whole two weeks, but if someone is
planning to attend only a few days, it would certainly be good, if we can
agree in advance at least on some days for the mobility work.

- Jaakko Sundquist
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