Rapporteur meeting after May 2000

Sakae OKUBO okubo at giti.or.jp
Wed Jan 19 01:31:51 EST 2000

Dear Q12-14/16 experts,

Mr. Tosco, Chairman of WP2/16, has advised us of the TD availability.

>Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 17:27:35 +0100
>From: Tosco Federico <Federico.Tosco at CSELT.IT>
>To: Blaschitz <michael.blaschitz at infonova.at>,DeGrasse
><b.degrasse at prodigy.net>, Freundlich <ggf at lucent.com>,Geary
><tom.geary at conexant.com>, Okubo <okubo at giti.or.jp>,Robin-Champigneul
><yves.robinchampigneul at cnet.francetelecom.fr>,Skran <Dale.Skran at ascend.com>
>I think you have seen that in the informal SG16 FTP there are already a
>number of TDs. You can find them at the addresses:
>Best regards

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
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Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
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169-0051 Japan
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