H225.0 RAS/AnnexG related queries

Krishna Kr Banka kkbanka at HSS.HNS.COM
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Table B.2/H.225.0v3 lists the sampling rate for both laws of G.711 at 8kHz,
and H.323 references H.225.0.

I haven't read the SIP/H.323 ID, but remember that support for Fast Connect
is optional in H.323.

A GK is not a callable entity, so it cannot terminate an H.323 call, whereas
a GW can. One could co-locate a GW with a GK so that the system would both
control the call and transcode the protocols and/or media, but they are
still two functionally distinct entities.

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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I have been reading this draft and have been both puzzled and pleasantly

I have been puzzled over some of the statements that are made on H.323,
do not recall that there is a limit on the sample frequency on G711 in
H.323, the draft claims its fixed to 8000. (Could someone resolve this?)

The authors also seem to forget that there is H.323v4 now as well as the
FastStart option... so the resulting call flow uses very many message
exchanges, this is not necessary is it???

I also have been puzzled by the authors proposing to make a SIP-H.323
gateway whereby the H.323 side looks like an H.323 terminal, in some
an H.323 gatekeepr seems more appropriate.

I have been pleasantly surprised in that the authos basically use the
method of interworking as we have been looking at in the DTS02003
information flows. So either we are all wrong or all right :-)


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