H.323 mobility: last call

Jaakko Sundquist jaakko.sundquist at NOKIA.COM
Mon Jan 10 10:39:30 EST 2000

Hi all,

Unfortunately I can not attend the telephony conference this evening (yep,
evening for us), but at least Senthil will be there representing Nokia.
There doesn't seem to be any major issues that we would like to change in
the draft Annex H (MTD-03c) at the moment, so if no major changes are
introduced to it, I we are willing to be co-contributors of the contribution
(that the draft will hopefully be) for the Geneva meeting.

- Jaakko Sundquist
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                Subject:        Re: H.323 mobility: last call

                Hi, Everyone:

                Ed Martinez has provided a good input with respect to the US
SG-D meeting
                that the meeting will be held on January 18 (not the date
what I expected
                before). Let us talk about the document MTD-3c as proposed.
In addition, we
                can discuss more if we have time in today's conference call.

                Best Regards,
                Radhika R. Roy, AT&T
                H.323 Ad Hoc Mobility Group
                +1 732 420 1580

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                > Subject:      H.323 mobility: last call
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                > Dear H.323 Mobilty group,
                > This maybe the last meeting  with the U.S.A group. The
                > Study Group D meeting is set for Jan 18, 2000. Where
                > we need to have an agreed contribution from the mobile
                > group so we can present it in the full Sg16 meeting in
                > I propose we go over  MTD-3c which already includes
                > the Nokia contribution. Then go over the remaining
                > and spend no more then 10 minutes on each. Whatever can be
                > and agreed on will be included in the final MTD-3d. If we
can not
                > agreed on adding anything after the MTD-3c review which
will include
                > Nokia's  updates, I propose to take MTD-3c as it is, to
study group D
                > in washington d.c. for the Jan 18, 2000 meeting.
                > What will be presented in Study group D is the H.323
mobilty document
                > outline and the contents we have agreed so far.
                > ---
                > Conference call will be held as follows:
                > Date: January 10, 2000
                > Time: 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time (PST))
                > Reservation # 13928768
                > Number port reserved: 20 Ports
                > Conference Call Bridge call in number: +1  (415)-904-8877
                > Passcode: 8813575
                > 1. Call to Order & Opening Remarks
                > 2. Attendance Registration
                > 4. Agenda Review and Approval: MTD-01f
                > 5. Review H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc Meeting report: MTD-02f
                > 6. Review Carry over contributions and review sequence
proposal, (see
                > table 1 of MTD-01f)
                > 7. Discuss next conference call meetings
                > 8. Review Assignments
                > 9. Review Workplan
                > 10. Open Discussion
                > 11. Adjourn
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