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Dear Ameneh Zahir and other Q12-14/16 experts,

>I have heard that we will have a joint meeting with SG11 the 14th - 18th
>feb week in Geneva.. Is this somehow true ??? Is their something planned ?
>If yes could someone tell me what is the agenda or items to be discussed??

Please find attached the most recent correspondence between Mr. F. Tosco,
Chairman of WP2/16, and Mr. K. Kitami, Chairman of WP1/11, on the subject
matter. A half day joint session is being planned in the afternoon of
Monday, 14 February. The agenda items are mobility and BICC as you see in
the correspondence.

Best regards,

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Dear Kenichi,

I agree with your proposal. Of course, if needed we can rearrange the agenda
when we will be in Geneva.
Best regards.


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> Oggetto:      Re: Joint SG11-SG16 Rapporteurs meeting
> Dear Mr. Federico Tosco,
> Thank you very much for proposing us of exact plan
> for the coming February meeting.
> We learned that a joint of Q.13/16 & Q.14/16 will
> be the counterpart for our collaboration, and the
> proposed arrangement (having a half day session with
> Q.13/16 & Q.14/16 on the Afternoon of February 14,
> Monday) seems to be quite reasonable.
> Agenda items 1 (mobility) and 2 (BICC) are covered by
> different experts (one from WP3/11 and the other from
> WP1&2/11).  However, the expected discussion time would
> be difficult to be estimated, and it would be sufficient
> to just fix the order of discussion (e.g. item 1 comes
> first and item 2 will follow it).
> As for the handling of item 3 (H.246 Annex D and IN
> interworking), I would like to invite opinion of IN
> people (WP4/11), although I personally feel your suggestion
> is reasonable.  If the suggested approach receives
> support, maybe we will encourage IN people (of WP4/11)
> to register SG16.
> Please wait for a moment to confirm all of us are
> happy with your proposal.
> Best regards,
> Kenichi
> WP1/11 Chair
> PS: I am sorry for the delayed response.  Your mail
>     reached my another account (kitami at
>     to be used during business travel, and it took rather
>     long time for me to read out it.
> > Dear Mr. Kitami,
> >
> > Following the exchange of messages between ourselves,
> > between Mr. Kano and Mr. Probst and with TSB, I think
> > we can try to finalize the scheduling of
> > the meeting.
> >
> > In the following I will in several points make reference
> > to the message of December 9 of Mr. Kano to Mr. Probst,
> > of which we have received a copy.
> > First of all, let me express the appreciation for having
> > the possibility to have joint sessions on the three items
> > proposed by Mr. Kano.
> >
> > The topics on which SG11 proposes a cooperation are
> > in the field of Questions 13/16 and 14/16. As these topics
> > are interrelated, our proposal is to have a joint meeting
> > of the experts of both Q.13/16 and 14/16 with the
> > appropriate experts of SG11.
> >
> > Unfortunately the agenda of Q.13/16 and 14/16 for the
> > February 2000 meeting is very dense and therefore we propose
> > to allocate to that meeting only half a day.
> > We propose to schedule the joint meeting on the afternoon
> > of Monday, February 14, 2000.
> >
> > The agenda of the meeting should include the items 1 (mobility)
> > and 2 (BICC) mentioned in the message of Mr. Kano. As I said,
> > both the experts of Q13 and 14 will participate to the discussion
> > of both itemes 1 and 2. If from the side of SG11 the two items
> > are addressed by different experts, it is possible to spit
> > the meeting in two different meetings, dealing with mobility
> > and BICC respectively.
> > Concerning the item 3 mentioned in the message of Mr. Kano
> > (H.246 Annex D and IN interworking) we agree that the proposal
> > of Mr. Kano (participation of SG11 experts to the meetings
> > on H.246) is the most effective one. We than welcome since
> > now the participation of these experts to our meeting.
> >
> > Looking forward to receiving your comments,
> >
> > Best regards
> >
> > Federico Tosco
> >
> >


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