H.323 mobility: last call

Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Sun Jan 9 14:22:51 EST 2000

I have a question relating to H.225 Annex G, section (Usage
Indication). The standard says the following about the SourceAddress field:

      "SourceAddress       E.164 or e-mail address of the caller party. In
case of E.164 this designates the ANI/CLI."

i.e., if the SourceAddress is an E.164 number, this refers to the ANI/CLI
of the caller.

Is this always true? Is AnnexG unnecessarily limiting the semantics of the
SourceAddress field?

I can think of a case when the AnnexG definition might be a problem.

Think of a system where each subscriber in the system is assigned a
globally unique "internet telephone number". In this case,
the caller's identifier will look like an E.164 number, but it will not be
the ANI/CLI. A border element or clearing house that assumes the
E.164 is an ANI/CLI will be making a mistake.

Does anyone have any ideas how this scenario can be handled within the
context of AnnexG?

Michael Fortinsky
Senior Program Manager, IP Telephony Group, VocalTec Communications Ltd.
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