Correction needed to H.245 V7, ASN.1 syntax

Paul, Manoj mpaul at TRILLIUM.COM
Thu Dec 28 15:25:21 EST 2000

Dear Mr. Gero, Q.2 experts,

Thank you very much for your reply and your willing co-operation for the

The simulation condition we provided in the last email has incorporated both
the conditions used in our simulation presented in Portland (APC 1906) and
the conditions you proposed in Geneva (APC 1993). The simulation scenario is
more clearly discribed without the details that is not related. Please
kindly review the document.

Wish everyone have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.

Adam Li

Adam H. Li
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University of California, Los Angeles      (310) 825-7928 (Fax)

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> Subject: AW: Simulation condition for H.323 Annex I
> Dear Mr. Li, experts,
> we heartily welcome your contribution to our co-operation for the
> tests. We provided an appropriate test scenario already(APC-1993),
> so there is no need for a complete new document. This scenario is
> well substantiated and intended as a framework for further completions.
> Would you please be so kind to incorporate your suggestions
> in the existing document? This would help all of us to reach
> a consensus soon.
> We wish a peaceful christmas time and a happy new year
> for everybody around the globe.
> Best regards
> Gero Baese
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