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>> The examples about the
>> secretary and her boss won't work with Chr*s because (i think), if the
>> secretary and boss are both H.323 complaint then they should be able to
>> register themselves (I disagree with this).
>This is only half the story.  I'm also saying that I don't believe
>registration is necessary to achieve this, and that the relevant
>should reside in the gatekeeper.

>> In the case of the IWF
>> (s*p-h323) this is not true.
>No.  In the case of the IWF I will send my setup message to the same entity
>has been doing the registering.  I'm not saying this won't work.  I'm
>saying I don't understand why you consider this to be "third-party".

Sorry Chris, you are right.  I was talking about H.323 complaince of all the
parties considering the scenario with the IWF.

>> The real question for now is, what value will 3rd-party registration
>> to an H.323 network.  Once we have determined this, then we can proceed
>> agree on a good definition.
>True.  My suggested way forward:
>Focus on what you're trying to achieve, then work out whether anything
needs to
>be added to the standards to achieve it.  THEN start thinking about how to
>achieve it, and what terms should be used to describe it!

Yes, I agree.


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