Third party registration/group registration

Chris Purvis chrisp at ISDN-COMMS.CO.UK
Tue Dec 19 07:23:55 EST 2000


> The examples about the
> secretary and her boss won't work with Chr*s because (i think), if the
> secretary and boss are both H.323 complaint then they should be able to
> register themselves (I disagree with this).
This is only half the story.  I'm also saying that I don't believe third-party
registration is necessary to achieve this, and that the relevant intelligence
should reside in the gatekeeper.

> In the case of the IWF
> (s*p-h323) this is not true.
No.  In the case of the IWF I will send my setup message to the same entity that
has been doing the registering.  I'm not saying this won't work.  I'm merely
saying I don't understand why you consider this to be "third-party".

> The real question for now is, what value will 3rd-party registration bring
> to an H.323 network.  Once we have determined this, then we can proceed to
> agree on a good definition.
True.  My suggested way forward:
Focus on what you're trying to achieve, then work out whether anything needs to
be added to the standards to achieve it.  THEN start thinking about how to
achieve it, and what terms should be used to describe it!

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