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That's yet another inconsistency. If you use Global CRV in Facility for
"multipleCalls" the only way you can
do is using "empty" but that is disallowed and hence Facility-UUIE must
be used. In which case we cannot include a "CallIdentifier". But
CallIdentifier is NOT OPTIONAL. Same with Status and Status Inquire as
well with "multipleCalls".

My take is that "empty" makes sense there but I know others don't like
"empty".  Otherwise, we need to come up with a "DUMMY Call Identifier"
for thsi purpose.

- Logan.

"Paul E. Jones" wrote:

> Folks, In H.225.0v4, there are several references to the Global Call
> Reference value.  It is described in H.323v4 how it is used for
> Facility to signal changes in the "multipleCalls" state and in IRQ to
> indicate a request for information for all calls.  However, what is
> the use for it in Status and Status Inquiry? Also, for the Facility
> message, how shall the CallIdentifier be coded, since the
> Facility-UUIE is now required? Paul
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