neededFeaturesNotSupported Reject Reason for RAS missing in H225.0v4

Logan Modahala lmodahal at CISCO.COM
Wed Dec 6 18:00:39 EST 2000

Hi all,

I currently noticed an issue/error with the use of FeatureSet in
H225.0v4' RAS messages.

In section Processing by the requesting entity of H323v4
document, there is a statement as follows:

"In response to its request, a requesting entity should either reject a
confirm or reject a message".

The neededFeatures field can be filled in RAS messages (RRQ/GRQ/ARQ). If
the GK does not support those features or cannot find a EP that supports
these neededFeatures from the originator, then I think the only sane
thing the GK can do is to
Reject (GRJ, RRJ or ARJ) the request with a suitable reject reason value
and I guess that is what the above statement is trying to convey.

However, we do not have the appropriate value
(neededFeatureNotSupported) rejectReason field of  RAS Reject (ARJ, RRJ,
GRJ, etc.) messages. We DO HAVE that in the ReleaseComplete H225.0
CallSignaling message for the same purpose. Why is this

So, I request the charter to consider this as an oversight/error and
recommend the editor to add this value (neededFeatureNotSupported) in
the rejectReason field of RAS Reject messages. Otherwise, it will lead
to chaos
where the Request containing the neededFeatures not being handled

Logan  Modahala
lmodahal at, logan at

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