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                               Call for Papers
                         2nd IP Telephony Workshop

            April 2-3, 2001 - Columbia University, New York City

Internet telephony is rapidly evolving from research to design
and deployment. The objectives of the IP Telephony Workshop are
to bring together researchers, developers, vendors and service
providers active in this area and stimulate discussion on
innovation, research, implementation, deployment experiences and
future directions.

Scope & Topics
Original technical articles related to IP telephony are solicited.
Only papers with significant technical content, not "white papers"
or tutorials, will be considered for publication:

     - Research papers (unique ideas, novel algorithms,
       architectures, measurements, theoretical and/or analytical
     - Surveys, state-of-the-art studies, technology comparisons
     - Implementation and deployment reports
     - Standardization reports

Particular areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the

     - Integration with Internet services (e.g., web, instant
       messaging, games)
     - Added-value services (e.g., call centers, conferencing)
     - Mobility and 3rd generation wireless
     - Authentication, authorization, accounting, charging,
     - QoS support
     - Security (e.g., privacy, authentication, certification
       authorities, firewall traversal)
     - Call signaling & processing
     - Feature creation
     - Supporting services (e.g., call routing, lookup services)
     - Audio & video encoding and transmission
     - Management and provisioning
     - Interworking with the PSTN
     - Design and deployment considerations (e.g., performance,
       scalability, reliability)

Important Dates
Full paper due                February 10th, 2001
Notification of acceptance    March 15th, 2001
Final version due             March 25th, 2001
Program published and         March 15th, 2001
registration opens
Workshop                      April 2nd-3rd, 2001

iptel2001 Organizing Committee
Program Chair
 H. Schulzrinne       Columbia University
Program Committee
 M. Arango            Sun Microsystems
 F. Baker             Cisco
 W. Bauerfeld         T-Nova
 G. Bond              AT&T Research
 S. Bradner           Harvard University
 G. Carle             GMD FOKUS
 J. Crowcroft         UCL
 C. Huitema           Microsoft
 G. S. Kuo            National Central University, Taiwan
 J. Kuthan            GMD Fokus
 T. Magedanz          IKV++ GmbH
 W. Marshall          AT&T Research
 D. Medhi             University of Missouri-Kansas City
 D. Oran              Cisco
 J. Ott               University of Bremen
 T. La Porta          Bell Labs
 B. Rosen             Marconi
 J. Rosenberg         dynamicsoft
 H. Sinnreich         MCI WorldCom
 R. Steinmetz         Technical University of Darmstadt
 H. St’ttgen          NEC CCRLE
 W. Wimmreuter        Siemens
 L. Wolf              University of Karlsruhe
 A. Wolisz            Technical University of Berlin
 M. Zitterbart        Technical University of Braunschweig

Submission Instructions
Authors are invited to submit full papers written in English
before November 27th, 2000. The submissions will be reviewed, and
accepted papers will be included in the program. Notifications of
acceptance will be sent out on January 12th, 2000. Deadline for
submission of camera-ready copies is January 31st, 2001. Authors
of accepted papers will need to sign a Copyright Transfer Form and
submit a Netbib entry.

Papers must be submitted electronically using the Web site at
Submissions must be in PDF or Postscript; any other documents
cannot be accepted. Postscript papers must use only standard
PostScript fonts: Times Roman, Courier, Symbol, and Helvetica.
Papers must be formatted according to the IEEE Transactions format
except for the font size, which MUST be 11pt. Templates are
available at the Web site
Because of the size limitation on the final manuscript, and to
ensure that the reviewed paper and the final version have a
similar size, papers with more than 11 pages cannot be reviewed.
Submissions must include: title, authors, affiliation, abstract,
list of keywords, and contact information. One of the authors of
each accepted paper must present the paper at iptel'2001.

Contact Address
Please, send all your inquiries regarding iptel2001 to
               iptel2001 at egroups.com.

For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
listserv at mailbag.intel.com

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