G.729 in H.245v7

Simao Campos simao.campos at LABS.COMSAT.COM
Fri Dec 1 14:00:00 EST 2000


> So my question is: when are the Annex A and Annex B flag used in
> g729Extensions?

For example, if you want to have VAD operation (Annex B) with G.729A
and is also capable say of 6.4 kb/s operation (Annex D). Then you
would set the flags for A, B, and D. Another example, if you have an
implementation with G.729A and G.729D (6.4 kb/s), then you would have
the flags for Annexes A and D set.

In my understanding, g729AnnexA, g729wAnnexB and g729AnnexAwAnnexB,
for which g729AnnexA, g729AnnexB and g729AnnexAwAnnexB should be used
only if the additional modes are not used (Annex D and E and the
different combinations with G.729 Main body, Annex A, and Annex B). It
was actually a short-sightedness on our part when the codepoints were
first defined.

I hope this helps,

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