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Chris Wayman Purvis cwp at ISDN-COMMS.CO.UK
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I'll take these two mails together, as the point is the same.

H.225.0 section 7.7 states which RAS messages are mandatory, optional etc. for
different H.323 devices.  By mandating the support of these messages, it
mandates the support of RAS, since  there is no proviso there for "when the
EP/entity is supporting RAS".

An aside, from a famous UK 80s sitcom on the subject of "clarification":
"You don't issue clarifications to MAKE things clear: you issue them to put you
IN the clear."


"Agboh, Charles" wrote:
> Hi Roy, Chris;
> RAS is RECOMMENDED.  It is NOT MANDATORY (hence optional) whether the
> sigalals are incoming or outgoing.    Please, just indicate where in H.323
> RAS is mandated.
> Regards,
> charles
and also, separately:

> Clarification:
> The examples you give only suggest the RAS parameters and messages that must
> be supported when the EP/entity  is supporting RAS.

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