Implementation of H450.1 and H450-2

Mikael Grehn mikael at ENVILOGG.SE
Tue Dec 12 07:53:59 EST 2000


[I first would like to appologize if this is the wrong forum to direct
our ITU-standard question in, please inform me if it is inproper]

The question concern implementation of Call Forwarding, i.e. ITU-std
H450.1 and H450-2.

We are planning to implement Call Forwarding support into a
telephonysystem using IP-telephony based support(i.e. H323 and similar).
The standard for Call Forwarding is described/defined in H450.1 and
H450-2 (and others).

The problem is that we need to parse the ASN syntax into true
implementation files (.h/.c/.cpp) but  we have failed in finding a ASN
parser that supports the specific syntax in H450.1 and H450-2.

Is there a ASN parser that can "compile" the H450.1 and H450-2 (and
preferable higher H450:s) standard protocols?

Are there any "true" alternatives (beside using H450.2 and H450-2) when
implementing Call Forwarding?

Are there any other developers that has implemented Call Forwarding that
would like to share their experiences with us?

Thanks in advance!

Mikael Grehn
System Developer
Envilogg Datateknik AB

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