Corrections to H.225.0v4 and H.323v4

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Fri Dec 8 17:06:03 EST 2000

H.323 Experts,

I have attached a document that contains the complete list of corrections for H.225.0v4 and H.323v4, with differences against the decided text, that we have discussed on the mailing list this past week.

I would like all interested parties to review these changes.

I am open to changing the wording, but I would like to get consensus on making these changes.  I have asked the TSB to see if we can make these corrections prior to the publication of the documents.  If so, I want to have the support of everyone to make these corrections.  I don't believe that any of these issues should be contentious, but without these corrections, I'm afraid that many more questions and interoperability problems will arise.

If it turns out that we cannot update the approved text before publication, I plan to submit this document (or a modified version with comments I receive from you) to the next meeting in March.  Personally, I'd rather correct the Recommendation before publication, rather than adding this to the Implementers Guide.


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