H.323 Announcement List

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Sun Dec 3 18:01:43 EST 2000


I have set up a new mailing list called "h323-announce".  Over the past year
or so, I've noticed that many people miss important events relating to
H.323, such as corrections that were made to the H.323v3 ASN.1.

This new list is intended for those who want to be made aware of important
issues relating to H.323, but who do not want to watch the SG16 or H.323
Implementers' lists from day to day for such important issues-- there are
quite a few people in that category.

This list is moderated and will be an extremely low-volume list.

To subscribe, send e-mail to: h323-announce-request at packetizer.org
In the body of the message, put "subscribe"

Best Regards,

For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
listserv at mailbag.intel.com

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