APC number request for H.248 Annex F status

Sat Aug 12 11:07:54 EDT 2000

Dear contributors and all,

APC numbers have been allocated to your contributions as attached.

This list is close to final. Please take a look at it and advise me if your
contribution is not included. This list is uploaded as
/0008_Por/0008_Por.doc and /0008_Por/0008_Por.html

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Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
       Tel: +81 3 5286 3830 (to be transferred)
            +81 3 3204 8194 (direct)
       Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
       e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

Contributions for the Q12-14/16 Rapporteur meeting in Portland (21 -25
August 2000)

------< carried over from the Osaka meeting >------

APC-1765        AT&T
Scope of H.323 QOS

APC-1766        AT&T
Requirements of H.323 QOS

APC-1767        AT&T
Architecture of H.323 QOS

APC-1768        AT&T
Specification of H.323 QOS Characteristics

APC-1796        Editor (M Fortinsky)
H.225.0 Annex G version1 - with corrections

------< registration for the Portland meeting >------

APC-1872        Q22/11
Liaison to SG16 On Interaction Between Intelligent Network Systems and H.248

APC-1873        Q22/11
Liaison to SG16 On Interworking Between H.323 Systems and Intelligent
Network Systems

APC-1874        Editor (P Jones)
Draft H.323 version 4

APC-1875        Editor (P Jones)
H.323-series Implementers Guide

APC-1876        Editor (K Klaghofer)
Draft Call Offer Supplementary Service for H.323

APC-1877        Editor (K Klaghofer)
Draft Call Intrusion Supplementary Service for H.323

APC-1878        Editor (T Anderson)
Draft H.323 Annex R (Robustness)

APC-1879        Lucent Technologies
Reference Points for the Use of Annex G

APC-1880        Editor (F Audet)
H.323 Annex M.1 "Tunnelling of signalling protocols (QSIG) in H.323"

APC-1881        Nortel Networks
Enforcing symmetric operation in the context of slow start for H.323v4

APC-1882        Nortel Networks
Minor correction to H.323 Annex M.1

APC-1883        Columbia University
CPL: A Language for User Control of Internet Telephony Services

APC-1884        SONUS
Decomposition of Gatekeeper Functions inside a Domain

APC-1885        Hughes Software Systems
{ to suggest amendments in the H.323 standard }

APC-1886        Columbia University
RFC-2824: Call Processing Language Framework and Requirements

APC-1887        Siemens AG
H.450.12 - Common Information Additional Network Feature for H.323

APC-1888        Siemens AG
M.3 - Tunneling of DSS1 in H.323

APC-1889        Q4/8
Voice/fax switching in draft H.323 Annex D v2

APC-1890        Q4/8
Facsimile related work on draft H.248 Annex F

APC-1891        Q4/8
Draft T.38 Appendix V H.248 Call Establishment Procedure Examples

APC-1892        Q4/8
Proposed Edits to H.248 Annex F

APC-1893        PictureTel
Proposed H.242/H.245 text for dynamicPictureResizingByFour

APC-1894        ALCATEL
Modification to H.323 annex H

APC-1895        ETSI TIPHON WG8
Liaison statement subject: "H.235 Hybrid Security Profile"

APC-1896        BT
Use of the Generic Framework during Registration and other RAS Messaging

APC-1897        BT
Additional Data Types for GenericData

APC-1898        BT
Clarification on the Handling of Unknown conferenceGoals

APC-1899        Lucent Technologies
Fast Channel Open for H.245

APC-1900        Editor (P Reddy)
H.246 Annex E.1 Interworking between H.225.0 and PLMN's Mobile Application

APC-1901        Editor (P Reddy)
H.246 Annex E.2 Interworking between H.225.0 and ANSI-41 PLMN Mobile
Application Part

APC-1902        Intel
H.323 Mobility services using IETF's Mobile IP and new extended protocols

APC-1903        Editor (M Fortinsky)
H.225.0 Annex G version 2 - draft

APC-1904        Avaya
DES with Output Feedback for Audio Encryption in H.235v3

APC-1905        UCLA
Draft text for "Generic Uneven Level Protection (ULP)" for Annex I of H.323

APC-1906        UCLA
Simulation results of ULP for transmission over error prone channels

APC-1907        Editor (M Euchner)
New Draft H.235 Version 3

APC-1908        Editor (M Euchner)
Resolution of an inconsistency in Draft H.235 Version 2 regarding the use
of the initial value

APC-1909        Editor (J Sundquist)
H.323 Annex H Draft

APC-1910        LM Ericsson
Addition to Implementor's guide to H.248

APC-1911        LM Ericsson
Change of Capabilities indicated in H.248 ServiceChange

APC-1912        LM Ericsson
H.248 Annex L - Error Code and Service Change Reason Description

APC-1913        LM Ericsson
Improved Auditing in H.248 Version 2

APC-1914        LM Ericsson
Comments to H.248 Annex K

APC-1915        Editor (P Jones)
Fast Connect SDLs Issues

APC-1916        Editor (P Jones)
Corrections to the H.323v4 White Paper Contribution

APC-1917        Cisco Systems
JAIN APIs for Integrated Networks

APC-1918        Cisco Systems
Interworking with Different Versions of H.323 Entities

APC-1919        Cisco Systems
Comments on the Object Extensible Framework

APC-1920        Cisco Systems
Third Party Re-Routing of a Fast Connect Initiated Call

APC-1921        Cisco Systems
Early Termination of Fast Connect

APC-1922        Trillium Digital Systems, VocalTec Communications
Correction to the H.225.0 Annex G UsageSpecification

APC-1923        Editor (J Segers)
Errors and unclarities in Recommendation H.248

APC-1924        Editor (T Taylor)
Draft H.248 Annex M: Advanced Audio Server Packages

APC-1925        Megaco Chair (T Taylor)
IETF Megaco Comments On H.248 Annexes F, G, and H

APC-1926        AT&T
H.323 Intra-Zone Mobility Management using AuF and HLF

APC-1927        Cisco Systems
Reserving Resources for Calls

APC-1928        Cisco Systems
LRQ Forwarding

APC-1929        Cisco Systems
Alternate Gatekeeper Clarifications

APC-1930        Siemens, Intel
H.323 Mobility Service Descriptions

APC-1931        Siemens, Intel
Interaction of H.323 Mobility with H.450 Supplementary Services

APC-1932        AT&T
Comments on H.323 Annex H: User, Terminal and Service Mobility (MTD 101b -
Editor's Contribution)

APC-1933        BT
Apply the Generic Framework to Annex G

APC-1934        INTEC Web and Genome Informatics Corp., Oki Electric Industry
Comments to H.323 Annex K

APC-1935        Editor (O Levin)
Draft of H.323 Annex O

APC-1936        RADVision
Expansion of McuInfo field definition in H.225.0

APC-1937        Siemens
Security for H.323 Mobile Scenarios - Security for H.323 Annex H/H.235v3
Annex G

APC-1938        Editor (D Walker)
Draft H.323 Annex L Stimulus Signalling

APC-1939        Editor (R Bowen)
Draft H.225.0 v4

APC-1940        Editor (B Aronson)
Draft H.323 Annex I

APC-1941        Cisco Systems
Enhancements to H.245 Replacement For procedure

APC-1942        Cisco Systems
Implementors Guide Recommendations for Tunneling Support in H323 version 2
and H323 version 3 entities

APC-1943        Nortel Networks
Use of inband tones in H.323 using special RTP payload types

APC-1944        Cisco Systems
Issues with Processing Unsolicited IRRs


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