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Francois-Xavier Derome Francois-Xavier.Derome at ALCATEL.FR
Thu Aug 3 05:52:33 EDT 2000

Hi folks,

I have just uploaded MD-105 to URL:
nnexG.zip .

The contribution includes a proposal for using the H.225 Annex G protocol in
H.323 Annex H.
A few comments about the contribution below:
-Generally the H.225 Annex G protocol seems to fit to the needs of H.323
Annex H quite well.
-Especially the procedures for locating the called User can easily be done
by adopting the H.225 Annex G protocol.
-Location updating procedures seem to be possible without any big changes to
the protocol, but the authentication procedures probably require some
additions and/or changes.
-I have written the contribution with the assumption that the H.225 Annex G
protocol can be used in interfaces: GK-VLF, VLF-HLF and HLF-AuF. This also
includes the Inter-domain communications between VLFs and HLFs, although in
some pictures I have used co-located BE/VLF and BE/HLF entities, just to
show that at least this way the Inter-domain communications should be
-Also, after a bit of reconsideration, I think that we could leave the
HLF-AuF interface out of the first version of the standard and assume that
the AuF is always co-located with a HLF (at least from the point of view of
the H.323 system). The interface is, however, described as using the H.225
Annex G protocol in this contribution.

I'm sure that you have questions and comments, so shoot!

Jaakko Sundquist           *
+358 50 3598281            * Audere est Facere!
jaakko.sundquist at nokia.com *

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