[Robustness] Draft and minutes from 7/27 meeting

Terry L Anderson tla at LUCENT.COM
Tue Aug 1 17:23:20 EDT 2000

I have uploaded:


Which include:
1. changes from 7/27 meeting
2. a stab at specifying how to use GenericData rather than our existing
3. adding DDP stuff to Appendix R1.
4. misc other editing

Well discuss these at our meeting on Thursday.

Thursday:  Aug 3
11:00 EDT (15:00 UT) for 2 hr
Phone: 1 888 559 7255 (calling from US)
Phone: 1 908 860 0000 (calling from outside US)
code: 531480

Note this will be our last call before Portland as I will be on vacation
from Aug 7 until the Portland meeting.  After any changes suggested on
7/27 I will be uploading the draft as the contribution.  Of course we
will work on it at Portland.

Minutes 7/27:
Terry Anderson - Lucent
Paul Jones - Cisco
Sasha Ruditsky - Radvision
Archana Nehru (and another?) - Trillium

1. Consider use of GenericData rather than current data fields.
2. clarify "closer to called party" in 8.1 and "closer to calling party"
in 10.3.  Suggestion was to use the call reference flag in CRV.
3. We discussed issue of reestablishing a multiplexed channel and the
need to re-establish it with the same set of calls that the previous one
had, making the list something that must be shared in Shared Repository.

4. we still needed a discussion of how to handle mixed method (a/b) for
the two channels through a signal routing entity.
5. We discussed the desire to have a single keepalive apply to all
connections between the same pair of entities and the problems of
determining whether two channels were really between the same pair.
Agreed to list the issues and consider further.
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