FW: Issues with H.235

Euchner Martin Martin.Euchner at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Sep 16 06:43:00 EDT 1999


Could somebody clarify a few things for me...

Say, there's a call between A and B in H.323. RTP sessions for both stream
directions are totally independent of each other, right? (except with T.120
channel a bidirectional one can be used).

Let's concentrate on RTP session where stream goes from A to B.
This one RTP session is a unidirectional channel. Is the related RTCP
channel also a unidirectional channel, but to opposite direction?
So, if this is true, how can we use sender reports (SR) in H.323?
Am I right when I assume that only way sender reports can be used in H.323
is with a T.120 bidirectional channel (when RTCP channel would probably be
bidirectional also)?

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