H.248 white draft uploaded

John Segers jsegers at LUCENT.COM
Fri Oct 29 07:11:50 EDT 1999

I recommend to keep the two Progress indicators since both public and
private ISDNs (QSIG) allow it, so the H.323 gateway should allow it as well.
Especially if a private ISDN is involved there are cases where a 2nd
progress indicator can occur.

Ernst Horvath
Siemens AG

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> Betreff: H246annexC Progress Indicators
> G'Day,
> In my H246 annex C draft recommendation section C.
> I've said that
> an Alerting and Progress can contain two progress indicator
> elements. I
> can't find anything in H.225 or H.323 that forbids this.
> ie.
> Progress indicator
> Progress indicator information elements possibly present in the access
> transport parameter of the Call Progress Message (CPG) are transferred
> into the message sent to the calling user. If the calling user is a
> H.323 end system it need not interpret this information element.
> In addition, progress indicator information elements are
> created by the
> Interworking function according to the coding of the Call Progress
> Message (CPG). Table 15 shows the sending criteria of each value.
> Every message sent to the access (ALERTING or PROGRESS) may
> contain two
> progress indicator information elements. When more than two progress
> indicator information elements are to be sent, the supplementary
> progress indicator information elements are sent in a
> PROGRESS message.
> Are people happy to leave this in or do you only want to see one
> supported??
> Cheers, Christian

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