Mailing list subscription question

Meyer, Greg W greg.w.meyer at INTEL.COM
Wed Oct 27 13:58:15 EDT 1999


I can understand that there are probably several (many?) people that have
subscribed to this mail list and have misplaced the instructions and
information. Below is a copy of the Welcome message that you received when
you subscribed, which has some general information to help you. Please save
this message for future reference.  Thanks.

Welcome to the ITU-SG16 mail list.

Remember - to POST messages to the list send to:

                itu-sg16 at

         - to interact with listserver.... send to:

                listserv at

In addition it is requested, that contact information be provided so that
current list of correspondents on this list be provided to ITU-TSB if so

        [Full Name] [Organization] [contact number]

Please send this information in the body of a message to
'greg.w.meyer at',
set the "subject" of the mail to "SG16 Contact".

Listed below are some hints on interacting with this mailing list:


mail reflector:  (sent to listserv at

Subscribe: BODY of the text set to

        subscribe itu-sg16 <your email address> <your name>


        signoff itu-sg16

You can get more information on commands by sending a message with the body
of the message containing either 'help' or 'info' to:

        listserv at

List Digests:

If you feel like you lost some list messages or simply want to get a
chronological chunk of them, you can do so.

Send a message to "listserv at" with the body of the message

        index itu-sg16

This will get you a list of all the digest files. After choosing which files
want, send another message to "listserv at" with the body of
the message

        get itu-sg16 [filename]

Finally, you may always contact me (via any of the methods in my signature)
any questions.

Greg Meyer

***  503.264.9506(voice)                503.264.0170(fax)             ***
***  greg.w.meyer at             Intel - Hillsboro, OR.        ***

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From: Ken Krechmer [mailto:krechmer at CSRSTDS.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: Mailing list subscription question

Sorry to splatter this to all, but I have a similar problem to Anders, sans
coffee.  I too need to learn how to access the list server and make such a

Ken Krechmer

At 12:55 PM 10/26/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Due to a computer crash (incompatibility of lap-top and coffee) I have
lost the e-mail address for the list server and instructions on how to
>As I am changing e-mail address I need to unscribe the old one and
subscribe the new address.
>Could someone who has the list server address and instructions please post
them to me.
>Thanks in advance

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