Re (2): IN-IPT interworking issue

Roy, Radhika R, ALARC rrroy at ATT.COM
Wed Oct 27 11:58:07 EDT 1999

Hi, Everyone:

Going forward, I would also request to keep our eyes open how we can
integrate this work (H.246 Annex C defines interworking between ISUP and
H.323) with that of the H.323 multimedia intelligent network (M-IN) as
envisioned in AT&T's contributions:

"APC-1664/1665: H.323 User, Service, and Service Provider Mobility Framework
for Multimedia Intelligent Network."

Best regards,

Radhika R. Roy
+ 1 732 420 1580

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> Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 7:44 AM
> Subject:      Re (2): IN-IPT interworking issue
> Dear Mr. Hwang,
> >(1) What does the interfaces 1, 2, 3 4 mean ? Those are different with
> that of
> > Q.5/SG11(WP4).
> The diagram shown is only what was proposed to SG11. I chose to leave it
> for its overall value, since I have not made a better one yet ..
> However, these are NOT the official interfaces.
> For the actual interfaces defined, please refer to SG11 baseline doc.
> you may find the version which was sent as a liasion to SG11 on my WEB
> site:
> >(2) What does the H.246C and D and the arrow to D mean ? (In my
> understanding,
> >H.246 only related with SSF or CCF..)
> H.246 Annex C defines interworking between ISUP and H.323 call signalling
> (H.225.0)
> H.246 Annex D is the one that should deal with interworking on the service
> control level.
> The arrow in the diagram depicts that initially, information is only
> expected to come from the SCP to the GK.
> You may want to take a look at the Annex D terms of reference:
> >(3) Which question and recommendatio number for standardising about the
> H.323
> >service control ?
> This is studied as part of Q13/16 and Q14/16. SG16 has recently defined a
> new annex for H.323 service control using HTTP (H.323 Annex K). This is
> currently the only effort in this area. You can find the draft which was
> presented last week in
> Regards,
>      Boaz
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