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Harris rqpq at NEWMAIL.NET
Sat Oct 23 21:14:30 EDT 1999

Dear Paul,

Question 1:

This is specifically in regards to call clearing in which both endpoints have
pregranted ARQs and the call is GK routed. If the GK closes the call signalling
channel, how would the GK know of the call clearing?

possibilities :
a) both endpoints send a DRQ (even if they have pregranted ARQ).
b) GK peeps into the H.245 channel and treats the EndSessionCommand as the
request for call clearing.
c) (Assuming that GK has requested for IRRs.) On detection of 'n' missed IRRs,
the GK decides to poll the endpoint and gets no answer or negative answer, Gk
assumes that the call has been released. (But it may have serious implications
on billing.)

Question 2:
If the possibility (a) is TRUE, is the DRQ mandatory for a registered endpoint
whether it has sent ARQ or not and whether it sends a subsequent RELEASE
COMPLETE or not.

Question 3:
If the possibilty (c) is TRUE, should it not be mandatory to specify
irrFrequencyInCall in either ACF or RCF, if the GK does not want to retain the
call signaling channel?

With regards,
Sunil Chandra
Hughes Software System

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