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This is the baseline text of the Simple Common Transport Protocol being
defined by sigtran for transporting PSTN signaling.


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>This draft is a work item of the Signaling Transport Working Group of the
>         Title           : Simple Control Transmission Protocol
>         Author(s)       : R. Stewart, Q. Xie, K. Morneault, C. Sharp,
>                           H. Schwarzbauer  T. Taylor, I. Rytina,
>                           M. Kalla, L. Zhang, V. Paxson
>         Filename        : draft-ietf-sigtran-sctp-01.txt
>         Pages           : 36
>         Date            : 18-Oct-99
>This document describes the Simple Control Transmission Protocol
>(SCTP). SCTP was designed to transport PSTN signalling messages over
>IP networks, but is capable of broader application.
>SCTP is an application-level datagram transfer protocol operating on
>top of an unreliable datagram service such as UDP. It offers the
>following services to its users:
>- acknowledged error-free non-duplicated transfer of user data
>- application-level segmentation to conform to discovered MTU size
>- sequenced delivery of user datagrams within multiple streams,
>with an option for order-of-arrival delivery of individual
>- optional multiplexing of user datagrams into SCTP datagrams,
>subject to MTU size restrictions
>- enhanced reliability through support of multi-homing at either or
>both ends of the association.
>The design of SCTP includes appropriate congestion avoidance behaviour
>and resistance to flooding and masquerade attacks.
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