H.323v3 and H.225.0v3 with change marks against v2(v2+v2Impl.G)

Karl.Klaghofer at ICN.SIEMENS.DE Karl.Klaghofer at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Oct 13 05:34:31 EDT 1999

Dear Q12-14/16 experts,

Please find attached an updated list of APC numbered contributions as of
14:00 Wednesday (Tokyo time). To implement the following agreement at the
Berlin meeting, I have marked late arrival documents (those not uploaded on
time) with #.

"Late contributions which were not uploaded on time can be considered if the
meeting agrees. This should be handled on a case by case basis; some
documents may have no problems, but others may need review of experts.
Rapporteur in charge will consult with the meeting at his session if it
accepts the late contribution." - Section 2/APC-1644

Please note that original APC-1722 (from Ericsson) has been withdrawn and
this number is reused for the message from Mr. F Cohen (ITU-TSB) addressing
the different terminology in T.35 and H.225.0.

Please also note that APC-1653 and APC-1704 have been (will be) revised;
their file names have an alphabet after the number like APC-1704a.zip.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
      Tel: +81 3 5286 3830
      Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
      e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

Documents for Q.12-14/16 Rapporteur meeting in Red Bank (18-22 October 1999)

     The documents can be retrieved as


# Late arrival document.
* Yet to be uploaded.
APC-  Source       Title
1645  TIPHON       Proposal for an H.323 "Security Profile"
1646  Motorola     Annex-H(User and Service Mobility in H.323)
1647  Lucent       Mobility Agents in H.323 Reference Architecture
1648  Lucent       Registration Procedure for Wireless Mobile H.323
1649  Lucent       Mobility States for the Mobile H.323 Terminals
1650  Lucent       H.245 Generic Capabilities Definition and H.225
                   Packetization Specification for the Cellular/PCS CDMA
                   EVRC Voice Codec.
1651  AT&T         H.323 Mobility Architecture and Protocol for Terminal,
                   User, and Service Mobility
1652  AT&T         Viewgraph Presentation of  H.323 Mobility Architecture
                   and Protocol for Terminal, User, and Service Mobility
1653  PictureTel   Proposed text for G.722.1 capabilities in the H.323
                   Implementor's Guide
1654  Nortel       ISO/IEC 11571 addressing in H.323 Annex V
1655  Hitachi Ltd. Real-time system of H.262 layered video transmission
1656  Nortel Networks
                   Tunnelling of signalling messages in H.225.0
1657  Nortel Networks
                   Applicability of signalling tunnelling mechanism to Q.SIG
1658  Editor (K Klaghofer)
                   Draft H.450.9 Call Completion Supplementary Services for
#*1659  Nokia        Functional Requirements for H.323 Annex H (Terminal,
                   User and Service Mobility)
1660  Mitel        Proposed H.323 Annex L (Stimulus Protocol)
1661  VocalTec Communications Ltd.
                   Resolution of H.245 ambiguity when using Fast Connect
1662  VocalTec Communications Ltd. et. al.
                   Changes to H.323 to support operation behind basic NAT
                   devices - version 2
1663  Editor (I Suconick)
                   H.341 V2 contribution
1664  AT&T         H.323 User, Service, and Service Provider Mobility
                   Framework for Multimedia Intelligent Networking
1665  AT&T         Viewgraph Presentation of H.323 User, Service, and
                   Service Provider Mobility Framework for Multimedia
                   Intelligent Networking
1666  Nortel and Siemens
                   Megaco/H.248 Generic Packages
1667  Editor (P Jones)
                   H.323v4 draft
1668  AT&T,VocalTec, Alcatel, Motorola, and 3Com
                   Call Flows Supporting H.323 QOS
1669  AT&T,VocalTec, Alcatel, Motorola, and 3Com
                   Extensions of H.225.0 and H.225.0 Annex G Signaling
                   Messages and their ASN.1 Syntax to Support H.323 QOS
1670  AT&T,VocalTec, Alcatel, Motorola, and 3Com
                   Framework for Mapping of H.323 QOS over Packet-based
#*1671  Intel        The H.323 terminal with secured software based Universa
                   Subscriber Identification Module (USIM) and Inter-working
                   Function with PLMN (public land and mobile networks)
#*1672  Intel        User Mobility and Service Mobility services for
                   Wireless Subscribers with H.323 terminals accessing
                   Multimedia over IP (MoIP) and PLMN networks
1673   Hughes Software Systems
                   Redundancy and Fault Tolerance Procedures in H.323
1674   Editor (M Euchner)
                   H.323 Annex J: Security for H.323 Annex F
1675   Editor (M Euchner)
                   H.235 Version 2
1676   Siemens AG  ClearToken enhancement in H.235 Version 2
1677   Siemens AG  AES support in H.235 Version 2
1678   Siemens AG  Elliptic curve support in H.235 Version 2
1679   Siemens AG  Security Profile negotiation in H.235 Version 2
1680   SG16 management
                   Draft Questions for SG16 WP2 for the new study period
1681   Siemens AG  Identification of Gateway Protocol
#*1682   InterVoice  Media Redirection and Replication
1683   BT          ISUP Transport in H.225 using a Generic, Extensible
1684   Lucent Technologies and VocalTec
                   Multiple UsageIndications in Annex G
#*1685   Lucent Technologies
                   Using CPL with H.323
1686   Editor (R Bowen)
                   Draft H.225.0 v4
1687   Lucent Technologies
                   H.323 Annex F Hookflash Signaling Enhancements
1688   Editor (G Hellstrom)
                   H.323 Annex G Text Conversation, draft
1689   Ericsson    RTP-Text for H.323 Annex G Text Conversation
1690   Ericsson    F.MCVS conversation service description with Total
                   Conversation and Text telephony
1691   Ericsson    H.248 packages and additions for text telephony and total
1692   Motorola    Using SCTP as an Alternate H.248 Transport
1693   Editor (P Jones)
                   H.323 Implementers Guide
#*1694   BT          Object Profile for ISUP Transport in H.225 using
                   Generic Extensible Framework
1695   IETF Megaco Working Group
                   Megaco/H.248 Requirements - Communication from IETF
1696   Editor (E.Skjaeran, Ericsson)
                   H.323 Annex K (HTTP based service control)
1697   Ericsson (E.Skjaeran)
                   Additions of codepoints to H.225.0 for service control
1698   Siemens, Munich University of Technology
                   Progressive AV coding for packet switched lossy networks
                   - a principle approach
1699   Trillium Digital Systems
                   Modifications to the H.225 Annex G protocol
1700   Rapporteur of Q.19/16
                   Support of proposed modifications on H.245 ASN.1
1701   NTT DoCoMo  Multiplexed stream transmission over H.323 logical
1702   NEC         Editorial errors in H.245 version 4, version 5
1703   Nortel Networks
                   Tones and announcement in fast start
1704   Nortel Networks
                   Modification to gateway decomposition architecture
#*1705   Nokia       On H.323 QoS
#*1706   Nokia       On H.323 Mobility
1707   Editor (P Jones)
                   Early Termination of Fast Connect Procedure in H.323
1708   Cisco Systems
                   Early Closure of the Call Signaling Channel
1709   Marc Roelands, Siemens ICN
                   On Terminals, Users, Services and Mobility in H.323
1710   Lucent Technologies
                   Changes to H.248 to allow use in non-IP environments
1711   Lucent Technologies, Tech-know-ware
                   ASN.1 syntax definition for H.248
1712   Lucent,Ericsson,Tech-Know-Ware
                   H.248/Megaco Structured Message Encoding using a Text
                   Line Format
1713   LM Ericsson H.248 Line Encoding
1714   LM Ericsson H.248 IANA consideration for Package extension
1715   LM Ericsson H.248 Signal Direction
1716   LM Ericsson Cause Handling in H248
1717   LM Ericsson H.248 Functional Outage
1718   LM Ericsson H.248 ServiceChange
1719   LM Ericsson Monitoring in H248
1720   LM Ericsson H.248 Event Enhancements
1721   LM Ericsson H.248 Multiple Virtual MG Enhancements
1722   ITU-TSB (Frank Cohen)
                   Terminology difference between T.35 and H.225.0
1723   LM Ericsson H.248 Priority calls
1724   LM Ericsson Native Descriptors in H248
1725   LM Ericsson H.248 Signalling Transport Converter for MTP
1726   LM Ericsson H.248 Description of the generic signalling
1727   Editor (Christian Groves)
                   Draft H.246 Annex C
1728   LM Ericsson Negotiation of Protocol Capabilities in H225 RAS
1729   LM Ericsson Sigtran in H225
1730   LM Ericsson Architectural strives for Conversational Multi Media
                   with Multi Access
1731   LM Ericsson Layered Mobility Management architecture in MultiMedia/
1732   Cisco Systems
                   Proposed FacilityReason Codepoint for New Tokens
1733   Cisco Systems
                   Addition of Billing Information to RAS Messages
#*1734   Cisco Systems
                   Support for Multiple Payload Types in Logical Channels
1735   Editors (John Segers, Brian Rosen)
                   Draft H.248
1736   FORE Systems
                   H.248 Transport for ATM
#*1737   BT          Methods of transporting ISUP across H.323: Issues for
1738   Editor (Barry Aronson)
                   H.323 Annex I Terms of Reference, v2
1739   Teles, Universitaet Bremen
                   H.323 robustness mechanisms
#*1740   Teles et al Organizing work on H.323 - SIP - Interworking
#*1741   RADVision   Clarifications for Fast Connect Procedure
#*1742   RADVision   Clarifications for the use of Call Signaling Address
                   in H.225.0 SETUP Procedure
#*1743   Q.14 Rapporteur
                   Resolving References to IETF Documents in H.248
#*1744     Lucent    MG Initiated Call Disconnect
#*1745     Cisco     Clarification of the Alternate Gatekeeper Procedures


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