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Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Wed Oct 13 01:30:50 EDT 1999

Mr. Okubo,

I have sent e-mail to Mr. Bigi regarding this editorial change, including
the specific details of the change.  I also mentioned that I will be sending
paper and electronic copies of the H.323v3 document, including a copy with
and one without revision marks, that includes this small change.

Hopefully, this will not cause too much confusion.

Best Regards,

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> Dear Mr. Jones,
> I have replaced in /9909_Gen as requested. I
> the mentioned deletion has been reflected in the file handed (or to be
> handed) to ITU-TSB for publication.
> Best regards,
> Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
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> Subject: New H.323v3 document
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> Mr. Okubo,
> There was a minor editorial correction made to the H.323v3 document.  The
> document posted made a forward reference to an H.323v4 feature (the
> "additive RRQ", specifically).
> I have removed that reference and have also placed a more visible notice
> at the top of the first page and "Summary" page to alert people to the
> fact that this is not the official ITU publication.
> Will you please replace the document in the
> 9909_Gen directory with one with the same name in the Incoming directory?
> Thank you,
> Paul E. Jones

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