APC-1712 - H.248/Megaco Text Message line format - Uploaded

Pete Cordell pete at TECH-KNOW-WARE.COM
Mon Oct 11 09:39:11 EDT 1999

The current draft of H.225.0 v4 has been uploaded to the Incoming
directory as APC-1686.

This draft used H.225v3b (the input document to the Sept 30 meeting
in Geneva) as a base, and does not include the minor changes that were
made in Geneva but I will incorporate those changes as soon as I have
a copy of the Decided H.225.0 v3.

This draft should include all contributions that were approved for
H.225.0 v4 in Berlin.  If you made a contribution that was approved,
please review this draft and let me know of any corrections that
are needed.

The following contributions were incorporated:

APC-1567 - HTTP based service control transport (Ericsson)
APC-1568 - Support for TDMA wireless coders (AT&T)
APC-1581 as amended by TD-27 - Improved alias registration (Lucent, Nortel)
APC-1594 as amended by TD-30 - Problems with XRS RAS message (PictureTel)
APC-1595 - Additional information in ARQ for Gateway calls (PictureTel)
APC-1596 - Support for G.722.1 (PictureTel)
APC-1607 - Enforcing Symmetric Operation in Fast Connect (Cisco)
APC-1622 as amended by TD-39a - Expression of GW Call Capacity (Lucent)
APC 1638 - GK mapping of destination addresses (Lucent)
APC 1640 as modified by TD-36 - Clarifications of E.164 numbers (Nortel, Siemens)

Richard K. Bowen                       Cisco Systems, Inc.
rkbowen at cisco.com                      Research Triangle Park, NC

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