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Sakae OKUBO okubo at giti.or.jp
Tue Oct 5 22:33:39 EDT 1999

Dear contributors,

The following APC numbers have been allocated to your contributions:

     Mr. Potter,


>Title: ISUP Transport in H.225 using a Generic, Extensible Framework.
>Source: Morgan Potter, BT.

     Mr. Anderson,


>Title: Multiple UsageIndications in Annex G
>Source: Terry Anderson, Lucent Technologies and Lior Moscovici,
>Abstract: Specifying the meaning and use of multiple usageIndication
>messages for a single call.
>Purpose: for discussion


>Title: Using CPL with H.323
>Source: Terry Anderson, Lucent Technologies
>Abstract: The use of Call Processing Language (CPL) with H.323 will
>require changes to both H.323 and the current CPL draft.  This
>document descibes some of the issues and the work that must be done.

     Mr. Bowen,


>Source: Editor (R Bowen)
>Title: Draft H.225.0 v4"

     Mr. Coldren,


>SOURCE* : Lucent Technologies
>TITLE  : H.323 Annex F Hookflash Signaling Enhancements
>PURPOSE : Proposal

     Mr. Hellstrom,


>Source: Gunnar Hellstr嗄, LM Ericsson
>Title: H.323 Annex G Text Conversation, draft
>Purpose:  Discussion
>Abstract: Some small changes are made after Berlin to the text
>conversation annex G to H.323.


>Source: Gunnar Hellstr嗄, Ericsson
>Title: RTP-Text for H.323 Annex G Text Conversation
>Purpose: Information
>Abstract: An RTP embedding of T.140 is specified in the IETF avt.


>Source: Gunnar Hellstr嗄, Ericsson
>Title: F.MCVS conversation service description with Total
>Conversation and Text telephony.
>Purpose: Information and discussion
>Abstract: Draft service description, with Total Convaersation and
>Text Telephony included


>Source: Gunnar Hellstr嗄, LM Ericsson
>Title: H.248 packages and additions for text telephony and total
>Purpose: Discussion and proposal
>Abstract: A collection of proposed additions to H.248 and its annexes
>for gateways supporting Total Conversation including text telephony .

     Mr. Qiaobing Xie,


>Source: Motorola
>Title: Using SCTP as an Alternate H.248 Transport

     Mr. Jones,


>Source: Editor (P Jones)
>Title: H.323 Implementers Guide

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