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Euchner Martin Martin.Euchner at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Fri Oct 8 12:35:31 EDT 1999

Hi Lior..!!

There seems to be yet another issue regarding the following :

> Since the "common" part includes the Sequence Number and other information
> needed for lower level treatment of the message, this part should be
> decoded first, and the natural order should have been reversed. This is
> important since the size of the "body" is not fixed, and for cases in
> there is an error in the encoding of the body.

If the *common* part is placed above the *message-specific* portion, then we
shall have a problem extracting the message type out of the encoded message
PDU. Since the common part contains fields such as : tokens, cryptoTokens,
nonStandard, which can be of variable length; the message-type cannot be
accessed without decoding the whole message.
One of the possibilities, in my opinion, is that the common part should be
made the first field of the message-body itself.


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