G.723.1 vs. G.723

Sebestyen Istvan ICN WN ES SP 4 Istvan.Sebestyen at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Oct 6 11:46:11 EDT 1999


G.723 was an old ITU-T Recommendation that has been withdrawn
and has nothing to do with G.723.1. So, when people today use
G.723 they usually mean G.723.1.

For the software version this is a bit confusing:
For the most current version it is best to look up the ITU-T Database:
Unfortunately, in the text of the Recommendation no reference is made to the
actual C-Code version (we have requested to have a better version control
for the future Recommendations). On the top of it since C-Code
is also a program (contains as many bugs as any other program...:-( ), in
some of the
past SG meeting bugs were corrected (so you have to go through the SG16
reports). I am not sure whether eventually the bug corrections have been
incorported into the C-Code that the ITU is currently selling as the latest
version. So, my message is that extrem care is needed not to miss

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> What is the difference between G.723.1 and G.723? And I don't mean the
> numerical difference, as in 0.1 :-) Are they the same thing, and people
> are
> just being imprecise when they refer to G.723.1 as "G.723?" For SuperOp!
> scheduling, they were both listed as two of the possible audio codecs, as
> if
> they were different. Does anyone truly support G.723 but not G.723.1? If
> so,
> I've never come across such an implementation. Also, what is the history
> of
> G.723.1? I believe the current version is something called 5.1. Is this
> correct? Were there some intermediate versions?
> Paul Long
> Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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