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Maureen.Stillman at NOKIA.COM Maureen.Stillman at NOKIA.COM
Wed Oct 27 18:06:37 EDT 1999

A new group has formed to study the area of providing robustness mechanisms
for H.323.  This group has agreed to work on items together.  Attached is
TD-28 written in Red Bank which outlines terms of reference for work to be
undertaken towards providing robustness mechanisms in H.323 and identifies a
number of potential future work areas.
The group decided to initially work on defining a set of terms for
robustness via the mailing list.  Please send contributions of relevant
terms (and optionally their definitions).  Please  put [Robustness] in the
subject line for those who want to filter e-mail.  The group will schedule
occasional conference calls open to any interested parties.  Nokia will host
the first conference call.

Conference Call Agenda:

A. terms submitted on the mailing list
B. next steps for the group

I propose Tuesday, November 16 as the first conference call to be held from
11-12 EST.
Please send e-mail to me at: maureen.stillman at nokia.com if you wish to
participate or if the time is not good, but you wish to participate.

The TD-28 document is attached and the Web site is:


 <<TD-28 robust.doc>>

-- maureen

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