TD-10 available (H.248 & T1 RBS)

Chip Sharp chsharp at CISCO.COM
Mon Oct 18 12:31:40 EDT 1999 has been uploaded to the meeting FTP server.

This is a copy of document that has been submitted to IETF to be published
as an Internet-Draft.  It is being copied to SG16 for information for the
H.248 work.  It is a draft of an applicability statement showing how H.248
can be used to support T1 Robbed Bit Signaling (which is a type of Channel
Associated Signaling).  Support of CAS by H.248/megaco has been a
discussion item for many months.  This draft shows how it could work with
the current protocol (APC-1735).

This draft does not include any text proposed to be added to H.248, but
does identify some parameters, events and signals (e.g., wink) that may
need to be defined in a new package.

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