HTML-ized ABNF from APC-1711

Chip Sharp chsharp at CISCO.COM
Mon Oct 18 00:22:13 EDT 1999

I've attached a zip file containing a html version of the ABNF from APC-1711.
APC1711 contains ABNF generated from the ASN.1 specification proposed by
Lucent and Tech-Know-Ware for specifying H.248.

I'm currently attempting to code up a simple H.248 message using both the
APC1711 version of ABNF and the latest IETF megaco WG draft version of ABNF
to see what the differences are.

Hopefully the attached (and Tom's HTMLized megaco ABNF he sent out earlier)
will make it easier for you to do the same comparison.

One exercise I think would be worthwhile before the current SG16 meeting is
over is for everyone to go to their respective corners (or hotel rooms) and
code up a basic call setup and teardown.  Then come back together and see
how close we all are.  If we come up with widely divergent encodings then
we have some work to do.  I think the spec is at the stage where this
should be possible (at least for the text encoding).

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