Uploaded APC-1661 APC-1662, APC-1699

Lior Moscovici Lior_Moscovici at VOCALTEC.COM
Tue Oct 12 06:16:37 EDT 1999

Dear colleagues,
I have uploaded three documents for the Red Bank meeting:
APC-1661: Resolution of H.245 ambiguity when using Fast Connect
procedure (done a few days ago)

APC-1662: Changes to H.323 to support operation behind basic NAT
                   devices - version 2

APC-1699:  Modifications to the H.225 Annex G protocol

Best regards,

Lior Moscovici
Program Manager, Servers Group R&D
VocalTec Communications Ltd.
Voice: +972 9 9707767
E-mail: liorm at vocaltec.com
Fax: +972 9 9561867

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