Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

Paul Long plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Mon Nov 22 13:12:12 EST 1999


As a practical matter, I have found that all entities with which we have
tested place their IEs in order according to Q.931. I didn't know that our
EPs expect them in this order until someone encoded them out of order at a
recent interop, causing our EP to generate a diagnostic and drop the call.
If my memory is correct, upon learning this, the vendor of the entity
changed their code to place the IEs in order and we were then able to
interop successfully.

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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From: Paul E. Jones [mailto:paul.jones at TIES.ITU.INT]
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Subject: Re: Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

In looking at this again, I have to withdraw my previous comments below.

H.225.0 specifies that the encoding of the elements shall follow Q.931.
This would also imply the ordering, as H.225.0 does not specify a
ordering.  I was mistaken in saying that H.225.0 specifies the
ordering-- it
does not.

I will have to concur with Guntram Diehl, who posted a similar comment,
the tables in H.225.0 do not dictate an ordering of the information
and that the ordering is dictated by Q.931.

Now the question is "how important is it that the tables in H.225.0 show
elements in order"?  Perhaps we should make this change to H.225.0v4.
Aseem, do you feel that this warrants a change in the Implementers


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