Minutes from the H.323 Mobility Meeting

Paul E. Jones paulej at cisco.com
Wed Nov 17 13:15:32 EST 1999

Dear Roberto,

I did think we have agreed on the
VLF, HLF and AuF definitions, yet.

Those terms came out of the Ad-hoc
meeting in Redbank.


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I may have missed some crucial piece of information but can somebody
provide me with the number of the contribution where the entities VLF,
and AuF are defined ?

Thanks very much and best regards

Robzerto Winkler

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>Subject: H.323 Mobility: post meeting
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>Dear All,
>I have updated MTD-03 Annex- H outline
>now MTD-03b as requested
>by the Ad-hoc group.
>For each section I have identify where the section
>and text came from. Where we stray from the
>annex H "Terms of Reference" it has been noted in
>the document e.g., to delete part of "Scope".
>I have also added the change marks and a document
>history table to MTD-3b.
>All the documents have been place in:
>You also can get access via
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